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Sam Frank

Sam Frank | 2016

Sam Frank’s vision was to learn and teach about heritage breed dairy animals. He used $5,000 scholarship to travel to dairy farms in Europe and in America. He’ll debut his presentation at the American Cheese Society Conference in July 2017. Sam lives in Brooklyn, New York.

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Thomas Perry | 2015

Thomas Perry’s vision was to study native cultures in cheese making. He used his scholarship to travel to cheese makers using native cultures in Europe. Thomas debuted his presentation in August 2016 at the American Cheese Society in Des Moines, Iowa. Thomas lives in Vermont and works for Shelburne Farms.

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Emily Shartin | 2014

Emily Shartin’s vision was to study cheese aging across different countries and different styles of cheese making. She used her scholarship to travel to England, France and Holland. Her presentation, Inside the Affineur’s Cave, debuted at the American Cheese Society Conference in Providence, Rhode Island. Emily lives in Northern California and works for Tomales Bay Foods.

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Jess Perrie | 2013

Jess Perrie was the first winner of the Daphne Zepos Teaching Award. She traveled to Spain to learn about Basque shepherding and cheesemaking traditions. She’s is now a regular speaker on the subject. Jess lives in Utah and works for Essex St. Cheese.

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