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What is the award?

The Daphne Zepos Teaching Award (DZTA) is an annual scholarship given to a food industry professional to further their learning—and their ability to educate others—about cheese. It’s named in honor of Daphne Zepos, one of America’s most inspiring cheese teachers.

What’s the value?

The award is $5,000.

Who is eligible?

There are only two requirements for eligibility

  1. The recipient must have worked in the food industry for at least three years.
  2. The recipient must be a member of the American Cheese Society.

There are three ways to become a member:

  • Individual Membership
  • The business they work for has a Small Business Membership.
  • The business they work for has an active Corporate Membership.

What does a winner have to do?

  1. Travel to Europe to immerse themselves in cheese learning.
  2. Attend the American Cheese Society Conference and teach what they have learned.

Is there a restriction on how the $5,000 is spent?

No. How the money is spent is up to the winner. It can be to pay expenses for travel or pay home expenses like rent while abroad.

Who decides the winner?

The board of directors of the Daphne Zepos Teaching Award.
Ari Weinzweig, Zingerman’s
Cathy Gaffney, Wegmans
Cathy Strange, Whole Foods
Charlotte Kamin, Bedford Cheese
Debra Dickerson, Cowgirl Creamery
Emilio Mignucci, Di Bruno Brothers
Greg O’Neill, Pastoral
Jason Hinds, Neal’s Yard Dairy
Mo Frechette, Zingerman’s
Peg Smith, Tomales Bay Foods
Sam Mogannam, Bi-Rite Market

What is the board
looking for?

They’re seeking a compelling vision from someone who wants to make a lasting educational impact in the cheese world. They’re looking for someone who can make the most of the funds. They’re looking for a proven track record of getting things done.

Can I read Daphne’s Vision?